Final Project Video

When we first decided to do the video I thought it would be hard to get together and figure out how we were going to do this. In the end it was a lot easier than I though it was going to be. For example we came about half of us ready and we got it done in twenty minutes, because it this is probably was not the best video but we made it and it was suppose to be a parody. The part that I signed up to do was to be a prop for the people who were doing one of the main points. So my job was basically to help out in the background to make the bit more funny or to explain it more. In the video I ended up drawing a picture of a survey on the chalkboard and throwing paper in the air  behind someone. I know it does not sound like much but we all had our small parts in this and I think how I contributed helped make the video a bit more comical and not serious which is what we were aiming for. At the end the day I guess it was not the best way to make us reflect on all that we learned in the class but we learned a lot of that during the class and I don’t think we need much reflecting as most of us will remember this class, or at least I will, as it was one the best English or Writing classes I have ever taken.

Project 3

For project 3 in my writing class we were tasked with making our research into a 3D model. I had trouble of thinking of ways to do this at first but as I looked at other projects I came up with the idea of making a board game and having two house that will represent the two different households that I am comparing. The reason I chose this path was it was the easiest that I could think of and it would be something that would attract stressed college students who I was trying to attract at the CSW at my college. My project was appealing to the college student at the CSW because it was painted with spring colors the evidently decided to show up on the same day as the event. The game part also made it more appealing as many of the student are stressed with exams coming up and a fun games is a good stress reliever. The game was a mix of Monopoly and the Game of Life. The board was set up like the game of Monopoly, with stops at the corners that were choice that households make in life and how the outcomes are different depending on the house. In the end I called The Game of Life; Household Edition, Singe vs Dual parent. I also had facts about my research on the sides of board game on paper that were cut out shaped like houses. For the facts I decided to chose a font that was playful and serious at the same time to make it not looking so boring. The game instructions on the other had I put in the type of font that usually find game instructions to make the game seem more realistic. Thinking back at making the project I admitly do not know how it show ethos other than the fact that I myself came from a single parent household and can tell them most of t the information from experience. Other than that and tell them what I found there are no citations. I did have the other three all over the project, my connection to my project and maybe the fact that the single parent house was smaller is the pathos while the facts on the house cards are the logos of my project. The Kairos would be the fact that the number of single parent households are rising and the divorce rate is increasing. Making this project was very different than writing the paper mostly in the area of there being less research. For the this project I could do less research and make the game more realistic and informational about out the different outcomes of life event depending on the household. This was why I chose a game, people could go through life and see the difference between the two households and how the single parent households is at a disadvantage. Now if I was to do this project through bloging I would have to do a different tack completely as my audience would be different and I would have to find a way to make the information interesting without leaving out the important information. I took the last time that was available at the CSW as I had to work so there were not many people left there that cared about my project. The few people that did stopped talked about how they understand as they too were from single parent households and that most of these were true. If I could dot it over I would try to get a earlier time to see if I could of gotten more people that were interested. It was fun overall and I guess having the video that our class make next to us on loop added to the fun of it as it seems that most people loved it.

Remediating Text

The point that I want to get across from my research paper is that single parent households have more of a disadvantage than dual parent households. This shows itself in school achievement, financial difficulties, and the effects that it has on the family. While doing this research I have also found out that single father households have even more of a disadvantage as the relationships are less strong than single mother households. There are so many single parent households out in this world and there is not many things out there to help them achieve in life or to make life easier. The reason that I want to point out this difference is so that hopefully something can be done to help them so that we can create a better and more healthier society where everyone is safe and on the path to a good future.

Research Information

The main part of my research was to see if single parent households had more of a disadvantage that dual parent households. Most sources supported this as they talked about the differences that they have found in studies that show single parent households having a disadvantage financially, academically, and they way the family structure effects their lives. There were not many things that were surprising to me as I grew up in a single mother households.  The one thing that was is that children from a single father household have more of a disadvantage than children from a single mother household as there is less closeness and supervision from the father. I have always thought that single father households would be the same or even better as the income would be higher so this really surprised me when I found this out.

Writing as Thinking

Lately life has just been very dull for me. I feel like I am in a never ending cycle that never gets better and it is starting to bring me down. The weather for example, I have bad circulation so I am always cold and the flip flop between snow and spring here in Michigan is driving me nuts. I really feel like I need a long vacation somewhere on a warm beach to clear my head and to get back on track. I just want to feel relaxed rather than in between stressed and exhausted like I have been for the last month.

My Purpose

The main purpose of my study was to determine how much of a disadvantage Single parent households have. What I will be trying to argue is that children growing up in a Single parent household are more at a disadvantage than children growing up in a Dual parent household. I plan on supporting by using examples of articles that I have found that talk about the educational difference, the financial difference and the effects of this, and the effects that a single parent household has on the family itself. I also wanted to see if there is any difference between growing up in a single parent household with a father as the provider or as the mother as a provider.

Analyzing Primary Research

The only way that I was able to get my primary research was sending out my survey on Facebook. I didn’t get as many results as I wanted sadly or  enough that I can come to any conclusions of the data. I plan on keeping the survey open as long as I can though to get as many results as I can. The results from my survey varied in many different things. Sadly only one person so far that has answered my survey is from a single parent family. I am now thinking of other ways that I can get more results of people who came from single parent families.



Primary Research

I had trouble figuring out what I was going to do for my primary research on my topic as I have never done it before and I did not know who I can get information about my subject. What I finally came up with is creating a survey and sending it out to my coworkers and on facebook to get as many people as I can to take my survey so I can get a wide range of answers and data.

Sharing Research

Of all the articles that I have found on my topic I find the article Emotional Intelligence and self-esteem among young adults from single parent family and both parent family by Kiran Sahu the most informational as it talks about many differences between children from a single parent household and a child from a dual parent household. This article has a lot of psychology information as it talks about Intelligence and self-esteem of children from single parent and dual parent households. I trust the information from this source as the author is a professor of psychology at a college in Moradabad U.P. hopefully I can find other sources like this.

Household Survey Questions

The type of people that I am looking for to complete my survey are people that grew up in a single parent household or a dual parent household so that I can compare the results to look at the differences. Most of the questions are easy questions that people can elaborate on if they want to with no judgement on the answers that are received.


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